Defining Inequity

To improve equity in pediatric care, PEACH is designed to examine and address health inequities. Health inequity as a term is used in different ways by different people. To better understand how PEACH defines health inequity, please review our following definitions ...

Health inequities:

Differences in clinical treatment or patient/family experiences related to characteristics such as race and ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability status, language, weight status,  income gradient, as well as factors such as belief systems and political orientations.


Health inequities are generally inside the control of healthcare systems or individual providers.

Health inequity as a term is sometimes used interchangeably with health disparity in the wider body of research, but at PEACH we treat these terms as distinct.

Health disparities:

Differences in outcomes that are associated with one or more social determinant of health. 


While undeniably important, health disparities are generally outside of the immediate control of healthcare systems or individual providers and thus generally outside of the scope of the work conducted by PEACH.