Watch Our WIP Sessions

11.7.23 work-in-progress session

Jennifer Erb-Downward, MPH, presents on her project examining whether children whose caregivers report a concern about housing or food insecurity receive appropriate referrals to services within the primary care setting. And Melinda Rushing, PhD, presents on her project focusing on whether there are any associations between pain-treatment inequities in the Mott emergency department and uncontrolled pain episodes during subsequent admissions.

10.10.23 work-in-progress session

Kathleen Kruse, M.D., presents on her project examining how the use of restraints and seclusion vary for pediatric patients by social factors such as race, SES, and gender in the child and adolescent psychiatric unit. And Monica Rosen, M.D., discusses her project exploring whether sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing is done equally among adolescents with and without disabilities. 

7.20.23 work-in-progress session

Jeremy Adler, M.D., M.S.C., presents on his project examining potential inequities in diagnostic delay for pediatric inflammatory bowel disease.